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The Price is Right!

You could cut the time it takes to sell your home by half, according to recent data from rightmove.

Data analysts for Rightmove have found that putting you house on the market, with an accurate value, can lead to homes selling 26 days quicker - 21 days on average.

The research also found that the asking price was also being met, as apposed to putting your house on the market at a higher asking price and then waiting for the inevitable offer below that. The extra haggling makes the average time to find a buyer rise to 47 days.

With the stamp duty holiday period coming to an end soon you might be looking for a quick move and this analysis could save you lots of time!

Once you're ready to move, Arkle Removals can offer you a professional removal and storage service to meet your needs. Chat with us today or ask us for a quote.

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