Christmas in a New Home?

With everything else that has been going on this year, you would be forgiven for thinking Christmas in a new home is out of the question but with the right preparation and guidance it can be achieved!

Property Reporter has published some top tips to consider, if you do want to move before Santa makes a visit, and we think they're very useful. The first steps are to consider how to speed up the selling and buying process.

Selling Process

This can be hard to hear but the memories and attachments you have made with your current home, may not be to everyones liking. Consider what you can do to smarten up your home, such as fix that creeky door, splash some new paint on the walls and start boxing up some of the 'clutter' that you have though of as part of the furniture, for the last few years.

Buying Process

Once you have found your perfect home there are still a few hurdles to go through, the main one being booking in the surveyors, so get a head start and contact a few companies to find out their lead times, so the moment you're ready to make that step, you know how long you may have to wait.

Things will not be 'normal' for some time so whether this is a first move or you've done it before, things will be different. Your viewing experience will be different, your arrangements with a removal company will be different and you may find the market is a very different place but if a new start for Christmas is what you want, there is still time to do it.

Arkle Removals offer a packing and storage service that will also help you speed up the process. We can save you the time of packing in advance or offer you a range of storage solutions if you can't move everything in one go.

Why not save some time now by asking us for a quote so we can also help you move by Christmas.

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